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Tickets: Sleuths mystery dinner show, Orlando, U.S.A.

Sleuths mystery dinner show

Bring your investigative skills and a healthy appetite for a side-splitting evening at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows. It’s a whodunit that you and your dining companions will try to solve. Think that you have the chops of Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew? Think again since getting to the bottom of this crime won’t be easy when you’re laughing at the absurd scenes that play out.

Your hosts will graciously welcome you into their dining room. As you are enjoying an appetizer, it will begin to dawn on you that your hosts seem a tad bit eccentric. By the time you are tucking into your salad, it will be clear that these nuts have another role: actors. Keep your eyes peeled for any clues or strange behavior. You are already on duty as detective and may even be tapped for a cameo role.

The comedy mystery unfolds as you dine on your main course. Savor the scrumptious meal and one of eleven original comedy mysteries. Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks will keep the fun flowing. Between forkfuls, you and your tablemates will begin to formulate theories. Some concrete, plenty far-fetched and at least one that’s light-miles from the truth but a proven laugh.

After dinner, the show’s detective will comb the room. This is improvisational comedy at its best with the dining guests becoming part of the show. Each table will be able to ask probing question that reveal more clues. You’re on the trail.

Sugar will help. While tucking into dessert, you will declare who you think committed the crime. The detective will unmask the criminal and award prizes to the teams who busted him or her! It’s no mystery why this is Orlando’s longest running mystery dinner show.


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Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show
Children's age: 3-9
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